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The Department of Chemistry is the largest department in the Faculty of Science. The Department started operation in the academic year 1959/1960 and is one of the oldest departments in the faculty. The Department is the first institution of higher learning in Malaysia to receive the prestigious Royal Society of Chemistry, UK accreditation for its programme since August 2012. One of the objectives of the Department is to provide a centre of excellence in chemical education and research in Malaysia. Students from the Department are trained to develop their critical, creative and innovative thinking. The Department is proud to produce graduates who are highly regarded, and much sought after in the workforce market. Presently, the Department has 54 academic staff, several of whom are from abroad, and 1 Emeritus Professor. Apart from teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate degree levels, the staff also conduct quality research in fundamental and applied chemistry. Although the academic staff have different research interests, they adhere to the same philosophy in solving chemical-related problems and in the development of expertise in chemistry. In addition to the undergraduate programme, the department also offers MSc by research and coursework; and PhD programmes. Since the establishment, the Department has produced many MSc and PhD graduates who assume high positions in both government and private organization locally and internationally.
Basically, there are three professions that UM graduates can choose as a career path. The first one is industry, the second one is academia, and the third one is the uniform body. Industry offers the opportunity to work in the company that produces / manufactures chemicals/health materials. Academic career opportunities are most suitable for UM graduates who have a passion for teaching. Some examples of academic careers are listed below. Chemists also can work with the unified body of government and their work is sought in felony cases.
Industrial: UM alumni can work in a variety of industries listed in item 4 below
Academic: lecturers, teachers, science officers, research assistants.
Uniform body: Forensics, narcotic divisions
The academic program follows the semester system and commences in October (Semester I) and March (Semester II).
Duration: 4 years
Total credits: 132 hours

Last Update: 18/01/2022