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Undergraduate Programme - BSc in Science and Technology Studies

BSc in Science and Technology Studies

The curriculum was developed in reflection of current and latest advancements in S&T as well as the management of research and development of S&T that draws upon global awareness of the Sustainability of the Society and the Community.

Among the main objectives of Science and Technology Studies is to help expand and enhance the mobility of the intellect of science students. By offering courses that include the dimensions of public policy and management, history and philosophy of  science as well as integrated packages from pure science courses in biology, chemistry, physics, geology and mathematics, students will be able to attain soft skill, such as critical thinking and life-long learning. Such skills and the mastery of reflective knowledge in S&T Studies would prepare the student the necessary character-building as well as the intellectual and mental energy to assist the nation to formulate and enact effective policies related to the development of science and technology. This necessary knowledge, together with important soft skills such as critical thinking and problem solving skills are essential for the students to face a challenging working environment after graduation.

This programme is offered based on semester system. The degree is awarded to candidates who secure a minimum of 125 credits. The degree is accredited by the Public Service Department of Malaysia and the Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia.

Period of Candidature: 7 semesters (minimum); 11 semesters (maximum)

Career Opportunities:

  • Administrative officer of S&T
  • Diplomat and administrative officer
  • R&D officer
  • Science officer
  • S&T journalist
  • Policy analyst
  • Technology-Business consultant
  • Lecturer and researcher
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If you have any inquiry related to application, please contact:
Programme Coordinator:
Dr. Mohd Zufri bin Mamat
Tel: 603-79674441
Master's Programme (by coursework) - Master of Sustainability Science

Master of Sustainability Science 

This Master degree programme, previously known as MSc (Science, Technology & Sustainability), is aimed at equipping post-graduate students with the necessary  knowledge, tools and skills in sustainability science through the lens of STI studies.  This includes approaches in public policymaking and management, innovation andentrepreneurship, philosophy, ethics, sociology, science communication and public understanding of science.

Students need to complete 42 credit hours of courses. The minimum duration of study is 3 semesters (e.g. 2 regular semesters and 1 special semester during the semester break), while the maximum duration is 8 normal semesters. The programme is organised on a full-time basis.

Core Courses (30 credits)
SQE7001 Research Methodology in Sustainability Science (3 credits)
SQE7002 Research Project (pre-requisite: SQE7001) (12 credits)
SQE7003 Science and Technology in Sustainable Development (3 credits)
SQE7004 Selected Issues in Sustainability Science (3 credits)
SQE7005 Policy and Management of Sustainable Development (3 credits)
SQE7006 Ethics of Sustainability (3 credits)
SQE7007 Philosophy of Sustainability Science (3 credits)

Elective Courses (minimum 12 credits)
SQE7008 Socio-Legal of Sustainability Science (3 credits)
SQE7009 Green Technology System (3 credits)
SQE7010 Management of Innovation (3 credits)
SQE7011 Science, Technology and Industrial Policy (3 credits)
SQE7012 Technology Entrepreneurship (3 credits)
SQE7013 Media, Public Understanding and Sustainability Science (3 credits)
SQE7014 Science, Technology and Innovation in Islamic World (3 credits)

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If you have any inquiry related to application, please contact:
Programme Coordinator:
Dr. Suzana Ariff binti Azizan
Tel: 603-7967 4397    Fax: 603-7967 4396

Dissertation Programmes - PhD and Master
Master and Doctorate Degrees

The PhD and MSc by research programmes provide a strong foundation in research on specific fields pertaining to history and philosophy of science as well as science and technology policy and management. The duration of study for the MSc programme is a minimum of 2 semesters and not exceeding 10 semesters. For the PhD programme it is not less than 4 semesters and a maximum of 16 semesters.

Upon completion of the research, the candidate is required to submit a report his/her research findings for examination. The research projects undertaken to date reflect the expertise and experience of the teaching staff as well as those from outside the department. Some of the more recent PhD and Masters research include topics related to:

  • Innovation and technology management
  • Industrial S&T and resarch policy
  • Environmental management and sustainability science
  • Knowledge management and human capital in S&T
  • Philosophy and philosophy of science
  • Science and religion
  • Science, technology and society 
  • Food science and nutrition policy
  • Bioethics / biomedical Ethics

If you have any inquiry related to application, please contact:
Programme Coordinator:
Dr. Zeeda Fatimah binti Mohamad 
Tel: 603-79677164

Student Exhange Programme

At the Department of Science and Technology Studies, students are encouraged to grab once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to participate in outbound program at universities around the world. This program offers not only academic but also cultural experience which may enhance the students’ soft skills and broaden their perspectives. Previous programs joined by STS students include short-term outbound programs to Universiti Brunei Darussalam, Brunei in 2014 and 2016. The students had amazing experience there attending academic lectures, cultural workshops as well as excursions to several places of interest in Brunei. They also had memorable experience when meeting with the founder of STS department, Prof. Emeritus Datuk Dr. Osman Bakar at Universiti Brunei Darussalam.

In 2018, two STS students Clara Joan Joachim@Jones and Mariam Syafini Mohd Saidi are in Seoul and Gwangju, South Korea for one semester outbound program. For more information about outbound program, please refer to .

Outbound Programme to Universiti Brunei Darussalam (2014 & 2016)

Outbound-01 Outbound-02 Outbound-03
Outbound-04 Outbound-05 Outbound-06

Outbound Programme to South Korea (2018)


I am now in Sejong University, South Korea. I will be here for a semester and majoring in Law and Society under Open Major Faculty. I have been enrolled in 4 subjects - 2 Korean language classes, Principle of Economics and History of S&T. We are encouraged to learn about the culture, economy and politics of Korean. I am looking forward to learn new language and make new friends here ~ Clara Joan Joachim, 2018.


I am now in Chonnam National University, Gwangju, South Korea. I will be here for a semester which are for 4 months and majoring in Environmental Science under Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences. I have been enrolled in 4 subjects which are 3 Korean language classes (Korean Listening and Speaking, Understanding Korean Society and Korean Language Special Class) and Macroeconomics. I hope that I will gain as much experience and knowledge as possible here as well as making new friends from other universities and countries here ~Mariam Syafini binti Mohd Saidi, 2018.

Clara Joan Joachim
Clara Joan Joachim
Industrial Training

Students of BSc in Science and Technology Studies are compulsory to undergo industrial training in an organization (i.e. private, public or NGO) either in the country or abroad. The content of the training programme will be co-designed by the respective employer and the department. During the training, students will be exposed to organizational activities that are closely related to the key elements of Science and Technology Studies such as policy and management, sustainability science, ethics and philosophy of science, etc. The main purpose of the programme is to enable student to apply their theoretical knowledge gained at university in actual working environment. It also provides opportunity for students to acquire practical skills and experience working on projects alongside industry experts. This course also provides a platform for students to identify potential employers as well as have a better outlook on career development in the field of Science and Technology Studies.

For more information, please contact: 

Industrial Training Coordinator:
Dr. Mohd Istajib Mokhtar
Tel: 603-79676740
Last Update: August 30, 2018