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1. To produce graduates who possess strong basic knowledge in Microbiology to be applied in various fields related to Microbiology.

2. To produce graduates who possess skills in Microbiology techniques at basic and advanced levels that are normally used and are able to design and develop research in Microbiology and related areas such as Biotechnology.

3. To produce graduates who possess the qualifications, knowledge and skills to join related industries, are able to develop and carry out various projects involving Microbiology.

4. To produce graduates who have solid basic Microbiology concepts in disease progression, environmental problems, building and development of fermentation technology, identifying the etiologic agents involved and able to give correct recommendation for management.

5. To produce graduates in Microbiological Sciences who are able to continue education to higher degree levels in related Biological fields in any higher learning institutions locally or overseas.

At the end of the BSc in Microbiology Program, graduates are able to:

1. Show skills in information management and entrepreneurship that are overall efficient and effective, specifically in Microbiology.

2. Possess knowledge related to Microbiology.

3. Apply technical and practical skills required in Microbiology.

4. Show ability to execute responsibilities to interested parties in industries, and value the natural environment and sustainability of natural resources, which will allow their utilisation and development in parallel with transparent social responsibilities.

5. Show levels of professionalism that are required, and demonstrate commitment to ethical practices in the execution of all Microbiology matters.

6. Give clear, acceptable and professional suggestions or recommendations, in all forms of communication, able to work individually, in groups or as leaders in projects and activities related to Microbiology.

7. Analyse issues for evaluation of strategic choices, able to make decision with supporting evidences and to give good evaluation for solutions with knowledge in Microbiology.

8. Show information and management skills and life-long learning, specifically in Microbiology.

Graduates from this programme can further their studies to Masters or PhD level, exploring various challenging aspects of microbiology. They also have the opportunity to pursue the education line as a high school educator or university lecturer, or become a scientific officer or researcher. Further, graduates have the choice to build a career in sales and marketing of scientific tools and appliances or even in managerial roles in universities, hospitals, government or private diagnostic laboratories, biotechnology firms, food industries, medical industries, ministries and also research institutes such as IMR, MARDI, VRI, SIRIM and RRIM.

Semester I : September

Semester II : February

Deadline for Malaysian applicants : April for Semester I intake

Deadline for International applicants : June for Semester I intake and November for Semester II intake

Last Updated: 01/09/2021