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The goals of B.Sc. in Geology program are to:

1. Produce graduates with solid foundation in geosciences and with the ability to apply this knowledge in the practice of various fields related to geoscience.

2. Produce graduates skilful in commonly used geoscience techniques and with the ability to design and implement research in geoscience and related fields.

3. Produce graduates who are qualified, knowledgeable and possess appropriate skills to serve earth-resource based industries and capable of developing and implementing projects involving earth material.

4. Produce graduates in the field of geoscience that are able to advance their studies in:

• postgraduate degree in geoscience in any institution of higher learning locally or abroad.

• professional certificate in geoscience locally and abroad.

At the end of the program, the graduate with a B.Sc. in Geology degree will be able to:-

1. Understand geological concepts and principles and be able to apply this knowledge in the practice of geology as well as actively seek and apply latest knowledge to adapt to requirements and changes in      the work place in a scientific, professional and ethical manner;

2. Adopt a systematic and evidence-based approach to the practice of geology as well as analyse issues and evaluate the proper and efficient use of resources;

3. Appreciate the need for sustainable development of the environment in the practice of geology and the importance of responsible, personal, social and cultural inter-relationships;

4. Value the importance of ethics and the need for professionalism in the practice of geology as well as upholding the interests of clients, the profession and society;

5. Communicate information, clearly and effectively, both verbally and in writing, and also be a responsible and productive team player with good inter-personal skills;

6. Utilize, apply and adopt scientific methods in the practice of geology and problem solving for target groups, as well as appreciate the need for self-assessment and improvement in meeting the demands of      industry and society;

7. Actively apply information technology in the practice of geology and enrich knowledge through life-long learning; and

8. Apply experience and knowledge in geology to explore opportunities in the word of entrepreneurship.

In our rapidly developing nation, graduates in geology have excellent career opportunities. Graduates from the Department have excelled in their career in both the public and private sectors, in various fields such as academic, mining, petroleum industry, engineering geology and the construction sector. There is an increase in demand for geology graduates. Expertise in geology is also required in the construction of infrastructures, the chemical industries, mitigation of natural hazards and environmental monitoring.

Semester I : September

Semester II : February

Deadline for Malaysian applicants : April for Semester I intake

Deadline for International applicants : June for Semester I intake and November for Semester II intake

Last Updated: 01/09/2021