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This interdisciplinary program hopes to produce graduates who have sound knowledge of biological sciences with particular reference to its application to Biohealth Science discipline. The programme strives to assist the nation in addressing the requirement of human resource for the Biohealth Science various needs. Currently, both the public and the private sectors are working towards revolutionizing science and technology in the health industry, either from the service or the research aspects. Such progress needs skilled human force to fulfil the current market requirements. The programme aims to produce excellent graduates in a variety of health and medical fields.

There is a competitive entry into the programme since the programme accepts limited number of students yearly. Selection is based on availability of place and academic merit.

1. To produce graduates with firm knowledge in biological sciences who are capable of applying the knowledge in various biohealth science-related fields

2. To produce graduates equipped with applicable skills in essential biological techniques to develop and execute scientific research in biohealth sciences or other related fields such as biotechnology

3. To produce highly competent Biohealth Science graduates who are well-suited to join and able to conduct scientific research in the pharmaceutical settings as well as in herbal industries

4. To produce graduates who understood the causes and development of human diseases and other health-related problems, necessary in enabling the graduates to collaborate with other experts in healthcare

5. To produce Biohealth Science graduates who qualify to further their studies:

• at the post-graduate level in biohealth related fields in any local or international institutions of higher learning

• as medical students in local institutions or abroad

1. Possess the knowledge through comprehension of biological principles and concepts especially in biohealth sciences

2. Apply necessary technical/practical skills to design, develop and finally to execute various projects and consultancies systematically in health related fields

3. Carry out given responsibilities in a transparent manner to effectively enhance public awareness and knowledge in health-related issues as well as being able in appreciating inter-social relationships

4. To be a professional with good attitude, positive values as well as to behave ethically at work and when carrying out scientific research

5. Clearly and effectively communicating information verbally or in writing as well as being able to work as a responsible team player. Also demonstrated leadership skills in various activities/group projects

6. Adopt and apply suitable scientific methods in problem-solving and at work according to societal and industrial norms

7. Efficiently manage information and continuously adapting current knowledge in biohealth science for lifelong learning

8. Effectively plan and execute projects by demonstrating excellent resource management and entrepreneurial spirit

Lab Technologist.

• Scientific Officer.

• Research Scientist.

• Forensic Scientist.

• Biotechnology or Pharmaceutical Researcher.

• Insurance Company Underwriter.

• Health Educators and Health Promotion Specialists.

• Administrative Officers in government or its agencies.

• Sales personnel in pharmaceutical and medical-related industries.

• Careers in science journalism.

• Entry into post-graduate study in health-related disciplines.

Semester I : September

Semester II : February

Deadline for Malaysian applicants : April for Semester I intake

Deadline for International applicants : June for Semester I intake and November for Semester II intake

Last Updated: 01/09/2021