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To produce graduates with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry degree who can understand and practise their knowledge effectively and ethically in the public sector and the biochemical industries locally or internationally by:

1. Producing graduates who possess a strong foundation in theory and practical knowledge in the field of biology to be applied in the various fields related to biochemistry.

2. Producing biochemistry graduates who constantly upgrade themselves in seeking, sharing and applying knowledge and skills in the general sciences and particularly in biochemistry through scientific, professional and ethical means for global development.

3. Producing biochemistry graduates with the intellectual imagination and the abilities to provide alternative proposals and creative solutions in respect of analysing issues and problems related to biochemistry.

4. Producing biochemistry graduates with the abilities to adapt and apply their biochemistry knowledge to stake a claim in employment, industries and society.

5. Producing biochemistry graduates who are able to communicate effectively and demonstrate the attitudes and ethics of a responsible citizen.

At the end of the Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry programme, graduates are able to:

1. Have an in-depth knowledge in the understanding of the concepts and principles of biology particularly in the field of biochemistry.

2. Have mastered the skills and relevant techniques which can be applied for evaluation and analysis of various situations and to design and implement a project systematically.

3. Assess the requirements and the importance of social responsibility and transparency necessary to support environmental development while practising biochemistry.

4. Demonstrate the importance of ethics and the need for professional conduct while practising biochemistry.

5. Present knowledge and ideas clearly and effectively both orally and in writing and possess leadership qualities as well as being able to work as a team.

6. Assimilate and apply scientific methods in problem solving in the work environment.

7. Use information management skills and lifelong-learning capabilities to design and develop biochemistry projects with the basic knowledge in science and biochemistry.

8. Plan and implement effectively entrepreneurship projects in the field of biochemistry through the efficient management of time and resources.

Many of our graduates follow industrial careers, particularly in the research and management areas of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, food technology and agriculture. Similar opportunities exist for life scientists in government independent laboratories involved with medical research, public health, forensic investigation, parasitology and disease research.

In addition, graduates employers often offer employment to graduates of any discipline. The opportunity to study a breath of subjects within our degree courses means that, while many of our graduates go on to further study or employment in their chosen subject areas others enter the professions and a wide range of careers in industry, commerce and the media.

Semester I : September

Semester II : February

Deadline for Malaysian applicants : April for Semester I intake

Deadline for International applicants : June for Semester I intake and November for Semester II intake

Last Updated: 01/09/2021