Department of Science and Technology Studies

Our History

Although the Department is the youngest in the Faculty of Science, it has actually a long history. In the beginning the Department was known as the History and Philosophy of Science Unit and its administration was under the purview of the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Science. The Unit was initiated by the then Vice Chancellor, Royal Professor Ungku A. Aziz. The History and Philosophy of Science Course was introduced as a compulsory component of the B.Sc. and B.Sc. Ed. Degrees for the term 1975/76 and it was offered throughout the four years of the undergraduate curriculum.

The Department of Science and Technology Studies began to offer its own full-fledged degree program upon accreditation and approval by the University Academic Planning Committee and the Senate of the University of Malaya in year 1997. Henceforth the department began to offer both the Bachelor of Science (Science & Technology Studies) and Master of Science (Philosophy of Science/ Science & Technology Policy Studies).

Message from Head of Department

Science and Technology Studies (STS) is a dynamic interdisciplinary academic program of study.  We proud to present a distinguished assemble of academics. We provides resources for thinking critically and acting ethically and effectively in a real world and the scenario of fast-changing world influenced deeply by science and technology.

STS examines how science and technology emerge, how they affect society, how they affect the policy, environment, and how they evolve through social processes. As such we have experts that teach and research areas covering topics like food security and safety, food and religion, environmental protection, environmental ethics, policy studies, policy and management of S&T, strategic studies, sociology and social studies of sciences and technology, economic development and growth, building capacity, technological innovation management, innovation for inclusive development, green technology and philosophy, philosophy of development, history and philosophy of science,  environment and education, women in science and technology, bioethics and environmental ethics, Islamic bioethics, science communication, environmental science, biological  sciences, environmental law in order to forge a multi-disciplinary perspective on science and technology, which is holistic  but equally pragmatic.

STS prepares students for careers that address the broader understanding with the necessary resources to face a challenging working environment after graduation. In addition to academic careers in STS, students have pursued careers such as science officer, archive officer, diplomat and administrative officer, consultant of science and technology, manager of R&D, Consultant for human resource, teaching, public health administration, media companies, management consultant practice, S&T Advisor, Petronas officer and quality controller for production.

Focusing on the changing conditions of knowledge production today, cutting-edge theoretical and conceptual inquiry, and engagement with epistemology, ethics, environment and entrepreneur  approaches,  we welcomes the participation of members from any department, including faculty, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, undergraduates, and visiting scholars. With the support of all my colleagues, we will try our best to upgrade efforts towards making all the programmes offered by the department successful and beneficial for all.

Thank you

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Che Wan Jasimah bt Wan Mohamed Radzi

Our Strength

This is the first and only department of the kind in this region that offers broad-based studies in (1) Policy and Management of Science, Technology and Innovation, and (2) History and Philosophy of Science. These modules are conducted in the Faculty of Science which is at the forefront in equipping students with the necessary generic skills and holistic approaches in the management of science, technology and innovation for both the public sector as well as industry.

The expertise of the Department in forging a multidisciplinary teaching approach towards science, technology and innovation provides students with the necessary analytical framework to confront an external environment where uncertainty is the norm. Our students have also successfully secured employment in both the public and private sectors, which is proof of the quality of our programmes.

We have developed close linkages with staff from other faculties in the successful conduct of our programmes. Additionally, collaborations with public organisations and industries are pursued to enhance the programmes as well as to provide avenues for students to participate in industrial attachments.

Such a versatile and innovative approach would provide students with the necessary resources to face a challenging working environment after graduation. Our programmes are structured in such a way as to allow students to acquire a diversity of perspectives on science and technology. Through a combination of lectures, presentations, class discussions and guided research programs, students will find the courses taught in the Department to be intellectually stimulating as well as practically useful.


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Last Update: September 04, 2018