1. Asset registration
a) KEW.PA2 (Kimia): Asset registration form (for new asset)
Note: KEW.PA2 should be send together with
i) Purchase order document
ii) Delivery order document
iii) Invoice
All document above can be printed from our applicant's e-procurement page.

b) Asset 01: Asset transfer notification form (transfer within department)
c) PA-5: Asset transfer form (transfer within University of Malaya)

2. Asset Disposal

a) Flow chart
b) An asset disposal form

3. Departmental asset officer
a) Norzalida bt Zakaria (
b) Shahril Azrie Abu Bakar (
c) Muhamad Hafizie Mohd Sofi (
d) Mohd Hazni Abdul Taib (

Chemical Register

Last Update: January 09, 2018